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Welcome to the world of FELEMAMG. Here you’ll find magnetic solutions for the manipulation, transport, separation, concentration, purification, cleaning and recycling of materials. At this moment you have all our vast experience in the field of industrial magnetism at your command. 

About Felemamg

Specialists on the industrial magnetism.

More than four decades of practical experience in the manufacture of magnetic equipments are reflected in this website.

Our products provide solutions in almost all the production sectors.

Steel plants, foundry, shredders, scrap yards, clinkers, iron stores, shipyards, mechanical workshops, oxycutting, port facilities, railways, cars, cement manufactures, plaster, sugar, ceramics, feldspar, incinerators, RSU, CDR, glasses, electronic waste, recyclers.

Lifting electropermanents in two versions:

Switching system (EPC) with its magnetizer – demagnetizer equipments (MDG) Deviation (EPD) with its electrical-electronical equipments (D.3.3)

Lifting electromagnets

From the circular ones (FC) with conical coils in aluminium and copper, lights, steel and reinforced for wrecking ball, thermal for very hot loads (600ºC), to the “E” serie, with rectangular or square shape too, with an extraordinary capacity over light scraps. Rectangular ones (FR) “C” and “CT” serie. Bipolar ones (FB) and double bipolar (FBD) “S” and “ES” serie, for plates coils (FRBC and FRM),for construction rod bundles (FSRV) and tubes packages (FSRT), for wire rolls (FFR), for tripolar structural profiles packages (FTPM), for unitary profiles (FB), for slabs turn-over (FES). All these electromagnets are controlled and supplied by last generation electrical equipments (EABS), and are assembled in suspension fixed beams, telescopic electrohydraulics, simple telescopic by trolley crane.

Magnetic separation

We offer almost all our machines in two versions lectromagnetic coil and Permanent magnet, ferrite and Neodimium from the classic separators over manual cleaning conveyor belt (SF1-RS, SF2-RS and SF-RSP), Overband or automatic cleaning (SF1-RC, SF2-RC and SF1-RCP), conveyor belt’s head drums (SF-T and SF-TP), permanent drum in low, medium and high intensity (SFP-TP, SFP-TPMI, SFP-TPAIG, SFP-S, SFP-D). Metal separator by induction – Eddy current (Foucault currents) with eccentric and concentric rotor (SFME-29 and SFM-29) and the transversal ones (SFM-TD). High Intensity separators, induced rotor, dry way (SFAI) and Neodimium magnet (rare earths). Separator by wet way parallel currents and against the current. (SFMD-CP y SFMD-CC). Magnetic filters (FFCA). Automatic magnetic grids, bars, plates.

Palletizers, rollers, pots, magnetic tubes, sweepers, magnetic naval loops, suction cups, rails, plugs-in, curves, grabber hands, permanent lifting magnets (FEM), Battery self-sustained (MINIMAN), Steel plates fanner, activiting electromagnets and solenoids, magnetic conveyors, plate stackers (EP and EPN) with its demagnetizers (DGD-50, DGD-100, MCI, MPE and RCI).

Our experience on the industrial magnetism supports us for repairing, rebuilding, rewinding and updating every brand, model or size of magnetic machines.





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